Vibrant, Bold, Colorful – The Ultimate Style Statement

The 80’s wasn’t a fluke. Vibrant and bold colored fashion is making a serious comeback. Fashion has the power to stimulate the senses and improve mood. Color permeates our actions and reactions in almost everything we do.

Goethe created the color wheel in his Theory of Color in 1810 and designers have been playing with it ever since. Wearing bold colors is about making a statement, but also about drawing on your own confidence.

Going Bold

Modern times have unique measures. Gone are the days when there were limited options in the fashion world. This is the age of making a statement by playing with hues. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of the latest trends, bold looks, and vibrant patterns of 2018:

Get Elevated

Color not only improves your mood, but it can also increase your cognitive performance. There is such a thing called color psychology, and it can have an impact on how you think. Feeling a little down? Why not don that bright summer yellow to enhance your mood?

Bright and Neutral

Another way to make your outfit pop is to pair bright colors with neutrals. If you’re going to wear some fuchsia pants, beige pumps are the perfect choice. For men, a simple suit with a bright tie can work wonders. Wearing bright colors is done best when paired with something lighter. It makes everything stand out more.

The Darkside

If you’re not a fan of tan, pair your bright outfit with some darker hues. For example, a cherry red dress goes perfectly with dark denim. Matching bright and dark is about being elegant, yet edgy. Dark boots with bright pants, you get the idea. Men can also play up a colorful tie with a dark suit or get fun with some bold shorts. Be creative!

Blue and Brown

Black isn’t your only choice for bright and dark options. Consider complementary colors. Turquoise looks amazing when paired with brown. Or you can throw on a navy blazer with an orange shirt. Sometimes you won’t know until you try it. Wearing bright colors is about being adventurous, so do be afraid to attempt interesting color combinations.

Try Patterns

Sometimes bold fashion isn’t necessarily about color, but the pattern of the item. There are a million different kinds to choose from (polka dots, stripes, zig zags). Just be careful with this bold statement. Sometimes patterns can look totally wrong. Or, you can just ignore everyone and rock it like a champ!

Additionally, patterns allow you to wear several bright colors at once because it breaks them up. None of the colors are allowed to establish a monotony so the look actually works.


Who says your bold look has to come from clothing? Sometimes the best statements are made with the pieces of jewelry we wear. A little black dress can look amazing with a bold and bright necklace. Or why not a chunky yellow bracelet? Being bold is about thinking outside of the box.

Denim Does It

When it comes to daring looks, you can literally never go wrong when pairing them with denim. There is something about the fabric that just seems to complement every color. You can wear any type of bright shirt and throw a denim jacket over it. It doesn’t stop at jackets, though. A cute pair of skinny jeans with a vibrant top works wonders as well.

The Purse

Of course, if you want to start slow, you can pair a colorful purse with most outfits. It’s a little less commitment than wearing, say, an orange dress, but it’s a start. A pop of color is always invited, but if you are a tad shy, a bold purse can do the trick too.

Ultimate Fall/Winter Color Trends for 2018

Tis’ the season to be jolly, and bold! Color is in for the fall/winter collections in a variety of bright hues. This year, fashion brands like are putting forth their best collections in brave colors like yellow, purple, blue, sea green, pink, orange, and even fuchsia.

The holiday season looks bright and colorful for women of all age groups. The following are some of the most happening color trends for fall and winter 2018:

Pink in all shades: Pink has forever been associated with femininity, but 2018 sees a twist when men experiment with the color. And we’re even seeing daring shades of pink on men, like fuchsia.

Bold yellow: Another color trend that is expected to rule the fashion world in the coming winter season is bold yellow. Unlike that soft yellow, this time, designers have tried their best experimenting with bold yellow fabrics.

Violet/Lilac way: The third bright color trend in the fall/winter of 2018 will be violet. This funky shade will be seen in all types of styles and designs. Pair it with a black leather jacket, and you’re golden.

Cherry red: This brave and beautiful color will be seen on everything from purses to lips this season. Cherry red can be a tough one to pull off, but it even looks great on your nails.

Tangy orange: Orange is about energy, and this tangy hue is where it’s all this fall and winter. Pair it with turquoise if you’re daring.

Go Green: The last color on our list of hot trends for fall and winter is green. The color that resembles nature and calmness will continue to cast its spell in the fashion world. Be it in dark or light hues, green when matched with the right accessories is a vibrant look.

This time of year used to call for dark colors. Maroons and blacks were the “go-to.” But things are changing, and now brighter hues are brightening everyone’s day. Brilliant reds and bold yellows, tangy orange and hot pink, will steal the show this year.

Yes, those summery colors and hues are as powerful and soothing in the fall and winter season too. Blue is not just a July color, and pink is no more seen as girly. This winter will be bright and beautiful for people of all ages with so many bold color options.

Unique and Vibrant Fashion Trends for 2018

Going bold can also be achieved with certain hemlines, cuts, and textures. In addition to color, there are other ways people are getting bright and bold this year. Check it out:

Free-flowing Dresses: A free-flowing dress in any vibrant hue will cast a spell this fall season. If you wish to stand apart from the crowd, then this is one animated fashion statement you need to try at least once this year.

Tassels are Exciting: Another cool fashion trend for 2018 are tassels. Available in a variety of bright hues and shades, tassels can be seen on all kinds of apparel—even in the form of earrings.

Denim Cuts: Go rugged and repurpose those old jeans by slicing them up. Get creative with your cuts, and you’ll have a bold look, for zero bucks!

Asymmetrical Skirts and Tops: Skirts and tops with inspired cuts and hems are also in. Think a futuristic, bold look that is done with asymmetry, rather than color.

When you want to make a daring statement, we have your back. VIVAZI offers a range of bold looks and styles for people of all ages. Our mantra is “Live colorfully! Life is beautiful!” and we truly built our brand around that concept. With a wide arrange of colors and styles, you are sure to shine bright this holiday season.

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