Interesting And Amazing Facts about Baby Onesies or Bodysuits

Who doesn’t love a baby in a Onesie? They’re so easy to wrap up and cuddle. But there’s much more to this garment than you might think. The unisex clothing (also called ‘bodysuit’) has a history that’s centuries old. Check out the following interesting and amazing facts about this super popular infant item:

The Invention

Technically speaking, Walter Artzt (an Austrian immigrant) invented baby onesies in the 1950s. He named his creation BabyGro, but it never caught on. Eventually, buyers began nicknaming them Onesies (for obvious reasons), and the name stuck.

Although there was a problem that cropped up when the term “Onesie” interfered with the Gerber Company’s thirty-year-old trademarked term, the name still remains popular today.

The Pilgrims

It is said that the actual inventors of the Onesie were the pilgrims who brought them to North America (or at least the concept) in the year 1620. It all happened during a 6-month long cruise when Prudence Smith thought of casting away his boredom. So, he drew a white baby coverall using a piece of charcoal and mentioned “The New World or Bust” on it. Now, the trendy garment is a best seller in North America and has been for years.

Cave Excavation

Perhaps the history of the Onesie draws even further back. In 1992, in France, during a cave excavation, an archaeologist discovered an infant’s garment that closely resembled a Onesie. The same day Disneyland, Paris opened and overshadowed the discovery in the news. In addition, it is said that on the front of the Onesie was a frowning face, perhaps spawning the very first emoji?

The Design

Onesies were inspired by simple adult jumpsuits. When Onesies were first designed, adult jumpsuits were popular attire. They were even white in color, like most Onesies you would see on the market.

It wasn’t until later, in the mid-19th century, that designers began experimenting with color. These were mostly related to gender. But back then, blue was associated with girls and pink for boys. This stayed that way until the 1940s when gender colors were reversed.

Sir Winston Churchill

As mentioned earlier, baby onesies were the miniature form of the jumpsuits worn by adults. Sir Winston Churchill was fond of adult jumpsuits due to their comfort factor. Also referred to as the ‘siren suit,’ adult jumpsuits covered the entire body. They were actually designed for use in air-raid shelters. They were also worn by mechanics and similar workers of that era.

Getting Creative

Innovation truly transformed the trend. As the popularity of Onesies continued to rise, designers became more creative. Interesting phrases, cute animals, and names began showing up on the front of Onesies. Babies were finally getting an interesting wardrobe.


The term “Onesie” is actually trademarked. The popular baby company Gerber trademarked the name in the 1950s. However, this legality has mostly been ignored. “Onesie” has become more of an ambiguous term than an actual name.


Onesies are incredibly versatile, and part of their attraction is that they are unisex. The garment can easily fit both genders the same. With Velcro clips or simple snaps, it also proves great for a “quick-change.”

Baby Monitors

Science is advancing, including our clothing. The latest trend for Onesies is the incorporation of a baby monitor right in the clothing. No longer do parents have to purchase both items separately. The technology is conveniently installed in the clothing itself.

In addition to simple monitoring, a Onesie with a baby monitor can also convey a baby’s body temperature, position, and even their movements. All the smart data is then sent directly as a notification to a parent or guardian’s smartphone.


Of course, when designing a Onesie for a baby, there has to be a way to easily change them. Eventually, designers became hip to this notion and started installing flaps in the back for faster changing. Parents don’t have to completely undress their child to make sure they are dry.


Onesies are often made of lightweight material for ultimate comfort. This can include fabrics like cotton, fleece, wool, and satin. Onesies are also a favorite among parents when it comes to naptime. The light material keeps the baby warm enough (but not too hot) to fall asleep comfortably.


Admit it. Onesies are just plain adorable. Seeing a baby in a onesie can brighten anyone’s day. The cuteness is contagious.

Endless Options

Now that Onesies have been on the market for decades, there are endless options to choose from. Be it color, fabric, or even technology, parents have a lot of choices. There are also a ton of top brands. Companies like Babygro, Mameluco, Creepers, Snapsuits, and Diaper Shirts are the leaders in manufacturing and selling high-quality Onesies across the world.

Quirky Quotes

The most popular Onesies on the market always involve cute, funny, or quirky quotes. Sayings like “There are six-pack ABS under this Shirt,” “Professional Trump Fact Checker,” and “Not Funny” are some of the bestselling on the market. These-one-of-a-Onesies are great conversation starters and of course, make any baby adorable.

Vary by Brand

The sizing of an infant garment can vary greatly by brand, just like adult clothing. So always make sure you have exact measurements. A Onesie that is too tight or too loose on a baby can be unsafe.

Perfect Baby Shower Gift 

It’s no secret that Onesies make the perfect baby shower gift. More often than not, you will see an expecting mother receiving several Onesies from her friends. That’s because they’re so versatile, comfortable, and something the baby can use immediately. It’s always an instant hit in the newborn clothing market.

A Onesie is clearly the best option for babies for everything stated above. They bring comfort to your baby, they’re versatile, cute, and make easy gifts. Technology is also taking the garment to the next level by monitoring a baby’s vital signs. Who knows what’s next for this item of clothing, but with innovation, the future is bright.

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